no, no, no!

I wouldn't gut a fish in my cube. I hate cleaning fish (although I enjoy catching and eating them). And if I did gut a fish in my cube, I still wouldn't get promoted. I've never been promoted, and I haven't had a raise in years. Oh, and I don't have a girlfriend either. I think I'd rather be Lane Meyer than this guy.

What Office Space character are you?

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live how?

Lady K: live for the now, nunni, live for the now.
batnandu: i am!

batnandu: i wanna be l33t too! like x04g
xopherg: try as you might, you will never be l33t
batnandu: perhaps, but the effort is its own reward.
xopherg: live your life as if it were a work of art, nandu
batnandu: gross.
batnandu: no fucking way.

This is pretty cool

So I just went to T-Mobile's web site to check some stuff out. I clicked the "My T-Mobile" link, and it asked me for my username/phone number and password. I couldn't remember my password, and for some reason I never put it in my visor (which is weird, because I've only put 62 passwords in the thing; I generate a new password for EVERYTHING these days). No problem, the site said. I clicked another link and in about 5 seconds my password was beamed directly to my phone. Given the technology and infrastructure lying around these days, that's not too impressive, but I still think it's pretty fucking cool.

On a related note, a few months ago I encountered an undeniable sign that we'd entered the 21st century. And about a month after that I encountered another.

First sign that you're living in the 21st century: You walk into one of the grungiest, most run-down bars you've ever seen. This place is nasty, a total dive. They don't serve much other than beer, and they appear not to spend any money on upkeep. Unfortunately, you have to pee, so you walk into the bathroom, which is exactly as you'd imagine it: gross. There's no telling the last time anyone cleaned it (or, for that matter, washed their hands). And yet, it has an auto-flush urinal.

Second sign that you're living in the 21st century: You can buy cell phone accessories at convenience stores. That's all I have to say about that.

I do look pretty good in a tux

Which John Cusack Are You?

I haven't seen the movie, but I'm guessing I'd rather be this guy than Lane Meyer or that freak from Say Anything. The hitman was pretty cool, though. I probably wouldn't mind being him if he weren't such a loser. I think I feel most often like I'm in John Malkovich's head (or at least dumped onto the Jersey Turnpike without warning from time to time) while pushing tin. I guess I have to see Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil to see if I like this guy.

4 x04g

So, like, if I had a couple of spare legs I'd shove one knee-deep in xopherg's rectum, another in thepeopleseason's. You see, I wanted to be all hip and cool with an online journal just like, you know, everyone else. So I asked xopherg for a code, which he provided promptly enough. Had I known he'd harass me every day, I probably would've been happy being unhip and uncool without an online journal. It happened to be a particularly busy week for me, so I didn't get around to setting up my account. So, the week being over, I planned to spend some time on the weekend getting intimate with my livejournal (it was one of the few weekends I've been in town lately). But xopherg, the vomit-farming bastard, giddily gave my code to tmhsiao, who immediately swiped the account out from under me. No problem, right? tmhsiao simply owes me a code, which he can get now, right? Sure, that's what he told me. Then he says, "I have to wait a week." Unfortunately, I was out of town the following weekend, and busy at work the following week. And even then, xopherg continued to pester me about using my journal.

So this is for xopherg (or, as i prefer, "x04g"--tmhsiao likes to pronounce the name "zo-FAIRG", as if it were French, but I like "ZO-fer-gee" better, and "x04g" makes it look l33t). Beyachie!

BTW, in case tmhsiao seems a little less guilty than x04g, his infractions go beyond stealing my account. He also regularly and shamelessly steals my photos (as in photos I took and never gave him permission to use). Beyachie!
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