batnandu (batnandu) wrote,

You know what sucks?

Let's say you own a beard trimmer. Let's also say that you have a beard, which you keep trimmed to 5mm, courtesy of the trimmer's handy setting. Imagine trimming your beard with your trimmer, but noticing more than the usual amount of hair falling into the sink. Can you now imagine looking up into the mirror to see half your beard gone? Exactly what fraction of a second do you think elapses between seing half your beard gone and checking the trimmer setting? And when you notice that it's somehow set to 1mm, exactly how much would you feel like Charlie Brown as you scream, "AAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH"?

Once I had done all of the above, there was nothing left to do but shave my face. I'm talking about the WHOLE THING. Which one of you punks snuck into my house and reconfigured my beard trimmer?
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