batnandu (batnandu) wrote,

Goin' to California

T-22 days and the itinerary is set:

Tuesday, 27 May: depart Atlanta at 8:35 am, arrive in San Jose at 10:48 am
Thursday, 29 May: depart San Jose at ?? am, drive down the coast, arrive in Los Angeles at ?? pm
Friday, 30 May: depart LA at ?? pm, arrive in San Diego at ?? pm
Sunday, 1 June: depart San Diego at 10:20 pm
Monday, 2 June: arrive in Atlanta at 5:29 am

Plans for activities along the way are slowly taking shape. In San Jose I'll be staying with Jay & Sheri, and I know they're more than capable of entertaining me. And if they're not, I can count on their two-year-old daughter Jessica and her two-month-old brother Noah. But I need to get into San Francisco for a little while to deposit a geocache for Keely and visit the Bow Bow Cocktail Lounge.

The drive to LA is little more than an excuse to take photos. Well, that, and to drive down the California coast.

I'll only get to stay with Galen one night in LA, but he may take Friday off from work. And he's also going to San Diego to run a marathon on Sunday, so I'll get to hang out with him in two cities. It'd be nice if Velvet Chain were playing that weekend, but right now it doesn't look like it.

Two nights and two days in San Diego with Angela. If things work out, I'll get to photograph her band band on Saturday or Sunday. And maybe I can get some shots of Galen in the race.

So, six days doesn't seem like a long time any more, but I still don't have enough activities planned to fill all my time. I'll work on that.
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