batnandu (batnandu) wrote,

batnandu: i just got paid $30 to eat a chicken sandwich
batnandu: a sundried tomato garlic grilled chicken sandwich
thepeopleseason: dude, how did that come about?
batnandu: i was hungry and broke and the gods noticed?
batnandu: or
tmhsiao: oh.
batnandu: we share a building with a market research company
tmhsiao: whoa
batnandu: they're always doing focus groups
batnandu: they needed a few more people, so they asked us
tmhsiao: that's pretty cool
batnandu: and we did it
batnandu: yeah
tmhsiao: and got paid 30 bucks.
batnandu: we were just discussing what to do for lunch and the lady dropped by
batnandu: so we got a filling, tasty sandwich and $30

batnandu: as we were going in
batnandu: i said to garry, "if the sandwich sucks, we still get $30 to go get lunch"

tmhsiao: well, I guess there's some perks to working in duluth.
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